8 curious and interesting facts about Varadero

Varadero, a natural paradise

We want to inform you that TripAdvisor published the list of the 25 best beaches in 2019, in which Varadero was in second place. It is necessary to mention that in the first place is Bahia do Sancho, located in Brazil. For this reason, we are going to list you 8 curious and interesting facts about Varadero.

The 8 curious facts

  1. First of all, Varadero has one of the oldest trees in the Caribbean nation. The locals call him “El Patriarca”. It is a cactus of approximately 500 years and almost 7 meters high. It is located in the Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos.
  2. Ten families founded the beach in 1883 and then they settled there. Certainly, many people had tried before, but mosquitoes and storms forced them to leave the place.
  3. In the early days, the square meter was bought at 0.04 cents. The famous businessman Alfred Irenee Dupont bought 512 hectares. Anyway, he resold it at prices ranging between 20 and 100 pesos per square meter.
  4. There were aborigines during the pre-Columbian period and when the Spanish conquerors arrived in 1492. Archaeologists have found 72 pictographs in Ambrosio Cave and in Muslims Cave.
  5. Also, the Xanadú Mansion or Dupont House is considered one of the most luxurious mansions built in Varadero. Alfred Irenee Dupont commissioned the design to Cuban architects Felix Cavarrocas and Evelio Govantes.
  6. Another fact is that there’s a love story behind the name of Josone Park. The former owners of this residence, José Fermín Iturrioz, director of Arrechabala and his wife Onelia joined the first three letters of both names, and Josone resulted.
  7. Varadero is the closest point on the island to the United States. From the tip of Hicacos are counted the exact 90 miles separating Cuba from Florida.
  8. Finally, in 1980 a strong tornado completely changed the image of Varadero. The casuarinas that bordered almost the entire beach and the southern coast disappeared. From that moment, they want to repopulate the entire area with coconut palms and other species more resistant.

In conclusion, we hope that these 8 curious and interesting facts about Varadero have been a discovery for you.

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