Abortion in Cuba: Boomerang effect

Abortion in Cuba, a growing trend

Many women defend abortion because they consider it is a right.  At this time, a disturbing question arises: who defends the right to life?

Cuba decriminalized the abortion in 1936, then it could only be done under the conditions imposed by law. Castroism liberalized abortion since 1965. The practice of which reached extraordinary proportions in the next years of the last century. This continues in spite of the fact that some official media report that there is a tendency to decrease.

When they removed the legal restrictions, the Cuban regime made it as natural as going to the movies. This revolution has consequences: irresponsible sexual behavior or complete ignorance about sex education. The country’s poor economic situation, the impossibility for young couples to have adequate housing, etc. also contribute to this.

Many people who occupy important responsibilities in state institutions defend the right to abort.

Liliet Heredero published an article: When abortion is an alternative to the contraceptive method, in Cuba there is a social and moral tolerance to abortion and its practice is frequent.

According to data recorded by the Johnston Archive in 2015, the abortion rate is among the highest in the world.

Everything seems to indicate that many young Cuban women have no real knowledge of its physical and psychological consequences.

In 2009, more than half of the infertility cases of women treated in health centers were caused by the sequelae of abortions.

Alarming figures

Although some articles related to the subject, cite as source the figures offered by the Statistical Yearbook of the Ministry of Public Health, the Yearbook corresponding to 2018 does not offer any information in this regard.

According to a Cibercuba publication, in 2016: 85,445 abortions were performed on women between the ages of 12 and 49. Also, resulting in 49.1 terminations per 100 pregnancies, half of those performed in 2005, according to the publication.

In addition, another news item, this time from the EFE agency, published on January 24th of this year with the title Abortions outnumber births on the Isle of Youth. Last year, there were registered 1,200 abortions compared to 900 births.

Anti-abortionist positions gain ground

Anti-abortionist positions are gaining ground in Cuba. There are public demonstrations by some MINSAP leaders. They have warned of its consequences at a time when population ageing is increasing and population growth has gone from low to negative.

Abortion has become a boomerang for castrism, since it harms one of the essential constituent elements of every State, its population.

Finally, the Government’s very liberal position had a turning point after John Paul II’s visit to Cuba in 1999. From then on, Cuban authorities began to express that abortion is not a contraceptive method.

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