9 best beaches in Cuba

Cuba is the biggest island on the Caribbean with 430 beaches along its 3,500-mile coastline. Here you can find powdery white, golden and black sand beaches, full of shady palm trees and turquoise waters on the forever blue sky background. In Cuba one anyone can find a beach that meets their needs if it’s a family vacation, sunbathing marathon, water sports or romantic getaway. We have discovered 9 best beaches for our readers to visit: Flamenco, Paradise, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria, Coral, Cayo Largo, Cayo Levisa and Guardalavaca beach.

Flamenco Beach

This extraordinary Flamenco beach is a white-sand beach with crystal clear waters, surrounded by peaceful gardens offers you lots of exciting activities and entertainment. Here you can enjoy a variety of water sports or simply chill on the beach. Flamenco beach is also known for its shallow waters, swimming areas, and diving sites. In 2014 this beach was nominated as 3rd best beach in the world.

Paradise Beach

The Paradise beach stands out for its extremely white sands, the blue-greenish sea around a narrow bow of the beach area and the impossibly blue sky. No wonder this place is also called Paradise Island. The Paradise beach has shallow waters and is safeguarded by offshore coral reefs from the rough waves. The hotels around are very luxury, however, the beach is astonishing and breathtaking. One kilometer away from Paradise beach is located Sirena beach, one can easily walk from one beach to another if the tide is not full. Paradise Beach is considered as one of the best-undeveloped beaches in the whole world. The hotels on this beach offer water sports, restaurants, dolphin attraction and catamaran trips. The activities might be reduced during the turtle egg-laying season. This is a must-visit place if you are around Cayo Largo!

Varadero Beach

Varadero is recognized as Cuba’s main and largest beach resort. It is also known as the “Blue Beach” (Playa Azul), for its crystal clear and calm shores. Varadero is 20 km long which is why it does not feel crowded here, the beach has fine white sand and quite warm waters. This beach is loved by its visitors as it allows to take long romantic walks along the ocean, it is also a family-friendly place. In the 2020 Varadero beach is going to become an “eco-friendly” beach. There is also a natural dolphin pool, where you can swim with the dolphins. Varadero is also a great place for those who love snorkeling as it has a gorgeous coral barrier reef.

Local hotels also offer catamaran cruises, kayaks or small boats for their guests. Scuba diving is one more activity which you might like to take up here, as Varadero has above 30 dive sites, a sunken military vessel, a soviet military aircraft  and an underwater cave to visit.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is famous for being Cuba’s most popular all-inclusive destination. It is known as a second-best beach are in Cuba after Varadero. The area is protected by a coral barrier, which makes this place calm and perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Cayo Coco water is blue and aquamarine, it washes white sand beaches with its calm, silent waves. Cayo Coco has offers to everyone, if its a family vacation, a romantic getaway or adult-only vacation. Beautiful beaches of Cayo Coco will not disappoint water sport activists nor sunbathing lovers. In Cayo Coco, you can take up snorkeling, boat trips, deep-sea fishing or scuba diving.

It is impressive to see the wild flamingos still living in shallow Cayo Coco waters, they can bee spotted from the causeway. 

Cayo Santa Maria

Cayo Santa Maria is one of Cubas islands located in the north-central coast in the Jardines Del Rey archipelago. Santa Maria Beaches are known for its white sands, superb all-inclusive resorts, and relaxing vibes. Cayo Santa Maria is attached to Cuba’s mainland by a causeway that makes this place more isolated. The beach here is of white powdery sand and incredibly turquoise water, it is 13 kilometer long. Scuba diving is a popular activity here, coral reefs are shallow here making it easier to dive for the beginners. Waters here are clear and the visibility is quite good. The weather here is good all year long making it a perfect location for any time vacation. Cayo Santa Maria is surrounded by coral reefs, water is calm and perfect for swimming.

Coral Beach

The Coral beach is one of the most popular diving destinations in Cuba. A bit further from the beach, next to the coral you will discover more than 300 species of tropical fish. Coral Beach is a perfect place for beginners of snorkeling, the beach has a depth of 1 meter,  one can learn how to swim and basics of the equipment. The water visibility is perfect here, it allows you to spot lots of different exotic fish. For those who are not fans of snorkeling or scuba-diving, this place also offers to chill on the beach under an umbrella, swim or even rent a boat. 

Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo is one of the most beautiful places in Cuba. Cayo Largo coast id divided by 7 beaches, around 24 kilometers of heaven on earth. The sand here is extremely while washed by turquoise and crystal clear waters. Most likely that Cayo Largo has the whitest sand in the whole Caribbean. The beaches are facing south, as the sand is white it never becomes too hot. The shores are not too steep or gentle, you need to go further to the water to have it at your shoulders level. Cayo Largo does not have many rocks. Clear waters make Cayo Largo a great place for diving and snorkeling lovers. As mentioned before, white sand makes this place perfect for those who like to take long walks along the beach. Cayo Largo also has natural dunes, protecting this place from tropical storms and hurricanes. By the way Cayo Largo is also famous among nudists, there are designated places in Cayo Largo where one can sunbathe naked!

Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa is another paradise place in Cuba and it is barely 2,5 hours from Havana city. The beach here is 3 kilometers long. You can find 23 scuba diving locations here, making Cayo Levisa a wonderful place for water sports activists. The water is transparent with high underwater visibility. Not to mention that one of the biggest coralline barriers is also located on Cayo Levisa. This destination is very relaxing and private as you can access it only by boats through Palma Rubia, a place where you can escape your everyday life and enjoy your vacation. You will be surprised by Cayo Levisa flora and fauna as it is covered in pine trees and is a home to different kins of birds, mostly pelicans. If you decide to visit this place, take into account that in this area you will find only one hotel, so make sure to make your reservation in advance!

Guardalavaca Beach

Guardalavaca beach is located in the northern shore of Cuba. The name of this beach means “guard the cow” in Spanish. A long time ago this place was a constantly targeted by the pirates. Guardalavaca was also one of the first ports that was discovered by Columbus, it once was a perfect place for smuggling goods from Europe. Nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction and a third Cuban tourist destination. Guardalavaca Beach has as shape of a shell and has white sand shore washed by clear waters. Northern part of this area is guarded by a coral reef and the South is  occupied by green thick vegetation. At Guardalavaca Beach one can relax and sunbathe or take up water sports such as diving, kayaking, windsurfing or take a boat trip, for those who like to spend their vacation more actively.

It is no surprise that Cuba is known as one of the world’s top destinations for vacation. Cuba is a home to lots of world’s most beautiful beaches, covered with white or golden sands, shadowed by palm trees and washed by crystal clear turquoise waters. Visitors here can relax and enjoy the views or take up lots of activities that of course include a variety of water sports. In the past decades, Cuba has developed and opened up to foreign visitors, and now is inviting everyone to enjoy its peaceful tropical atmosphere!