Carlos and Camila from England arrive in Cuba

Prince Charles of England and his wife Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, arrived in Cuba on Sunday 24th March for a three-day visit.

Carlos and Camila landed on a private flight at Havana’s José Martí international airport. The Caribbean country’s deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs went to receive them.

The visit of the royal couple to Havana seeks to consolidate and strengthen bilateral relations within the process of rapprochement begun in 2016.

That trip took place in the context of the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States under then President Barack Obama.

After that, Donald Trump abruptly paralyzed the process.

Upon his arrival, the Prince of Wales is expected to move directly to the famous Plaza de la Revolución in the Cuban capital. When he arrive, he will place a floral offering in front of the monument to the independence hero José Martí.

According to British diplomatic sources, this high-level visit is a reflection of the good state of the relationship between the United Kingdom and Cuba.

In addition, that seeks to further stimulate the development of ties.

In conclusion, the main purpose, within a philosophy of “constructive diplomacy,” is to promote a closer dialogue with the Cuban Government, according to the same sources.

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