There are no condoms and stomatologists in pharmacies

In the harsh reality of eating a squeezed bread and the absence of eggs, Santiago de Cuba have two other shortcomings: there are no condoms or stomatologists.

Shortage of condoms

At least seven pharmacies in the city of Santiago de Cuba have no condoms of any kind. Actually, in 2014 there was a shortage of this product and they sold expired products.

Santiago de Cuba stands out as a country for:

  • The high incidence of sexually transmitted infections

“It’s hard the reality of bread, eggs, so that when the end of the day arrives you can’t have protected sex either because there are no condoms,” says a santiaguero.

Meanwhile, population hopes that do not repeat the same shortage situation as in 2014.

Shortage of stomatologists without amalgam

Right now the stomatologists of the city miss a product that is basic: the amalgam.

Right now the product is in short supply, and those who have a reservation keep it for friends and people who make generous gifts.

That’s what they told us: save for emergencies and for your patients, you don’t know when it will arrive,” says a stomatologist.

The scarcity takes two new victims in Santiago de Cuba due to the shortage.

In any case, the growing list of absences only reveals some systemic problems that become more acute.

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