Cilia Flores spent her vacation in the Cuban Keys

Back home

Cilia Flores, the wife of Nicolás Maduro, has recently returned home to Miraflores with the aim of getting rid of the national chaos in which they live.

They stayed for one week in twenty suites of Hotel La Estrella 2. The workers who cared for them were instructed “to exercise extreme discretion”, as they usually demand when “it is a first-level visit”.

Some of these employees said: “we do not earn tips with these cheap visits,” the Hotel, which has been half-empty “because of a rather low high season,” as a result of the unhappy material shortage, “this time was reinforced with all the irons.

The high consisted of hectoliters of edible oil that arrived convoyed with gallons of paintings to spruce up the bungalows where the palace committee was established.

Terrified, in case of being betrayed and losing the job that cost them enough to get -no matter how little they earn by payroll-, they say that “that was tremendous brazenness. In the midst of the international problem that Maduro and his government are involved in, in the world’s richest country in oil reserves, his family comes to enjoy the people’s money. They come to live the good life a thousand miles from home.”

Unlike Liz Cuesta, Cuban first lady, who during the last presidential stay in the same hotel “gave overbeds and duvets to all the employees of the House of Protocol” -acquired with an official check in a store in the zone-, this Venezuelan legion shows little gratitude, giving nothing to those who serve them quietly, perhaps compensated with greetings and obeisances that concretely bring nothing to the table of the exploited.

– Down with Trump!” – they were heard to utter between food and drink, when they remembered the danger of the north that from these shores they felt nearby, and it was assured by those who could not take pictures of them because it was forbidden to carry cell phones or make inquiries.

“Bolivarianly in the first row” of sand, smoking rifle in one hand -and lobster in the other-, “the most devout advance” of the “comrade” left behind will be present, facing the imperialist enemy, while the first combatant Mrs. Cilia Adela Gavidia Flores de Maduro, supported in the rear by the sunny nucleus of heirs with Yankee names: Yoswal, Yosser and Walter, daughters-in-law, sisters-in-law, grandchildren, sons-in-law, uncles, cousins, and other outstanding beings who, in a tight squad, will annihilate, showing an example of humility, “the evil of the most iniquitous system of the earth that the capitalists want to impose”, convinced of their own lack of intestinal unity, but raised to a “common, solidary and proletarian” dune.

With such a speech, the employees, accustomed to stealing, complained that “not even a biste could lie on a teat, or take cheese slices attached to the thigh with a seal, not even a few teats when the banquet ended”, terrified because the praetorian guard, transvestite SEPSA and black wasps, frisked them at the exit.

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