Cuba is becoming a popular tourist country for people with disabilities

Cuba focuses on increasing its tourism

We inform you that the FITCuba International Tourism Fair 2019 was the perfect site to promote tourism for people with disabilities. It is a fact that Cuba is becoming a popular tourist country for people with disabilities.

FITCuba International Tourism Fair 2019

The Spanish Network of Accessible Tourism and the Ibero-American Network of Accessible Tourism confirmed the effectiveness of this event and they totally support it.

Diego González Velazco, the president of the mentioned organizations, explained that they work with the Travel Agency Skedio and the Travel Agency Ecotur to sensitize people to current needs. They work to raise awareness about the importance of this modality and make see that this type of tourism goes beyond having accessible hotels.

In addition, Diego said: “Accessible tourism is a market with tremendous potential because not only we are referring to people with disabilities, it is not only this way, but we must also talk about elderly people with mobility problems, people with an organic disability who need dialysis, etc. In summary, people who have some special needs in terms of their physical or intellectual conditions“.

Also, he affirms that his objective is the right to tourism, whether or not you have a disability. He says that we should always try to meet the needs of the client.

However, Diego highlighted good practices already implemented in Cuba. For example, we can find information panels with Braille translation installed in the Plaza de Armas. People with visual disability can learn about the history of the place.

In conclusion, Cuba is becoming a popular tourist country for people with disabilities. For this reason, they are doing a great effort to adapt the tourist areas. They want to achieve that people with disabilities have the same possibilities as other tourists.

We will inform you about the changes and improvements in the future.

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