Cuba, an essential place to visit

Cuba, is an essential place to visit due to is an island where the salsa still runs through the veins of every Cuban in this proud nation. In addition, the island has a breathtaking beaches, forest-covered mountains, colourful houses and cobbled-stone streets make an enlightening experience when you travel to Cuba.

In this article, we are going to give you some advices that will be useful if you are thinking to visit this beautiful country.

Places to visit in Cuba

Cuba has plenty of places to explore, from branded the birthplace of salsa to dream beaches. For example, Trinidad has a baroque architecture and sugar cane and tobacco plantations. In addition, it is deemed a UNESCO world heritage site.

Also, the archaeological capital of Cuba, Banes, is famous for its well-preserved artefacts from the indigenous Taino people, Then, Varadero is a beach town beside the 20 km stretch of white sands and turquoise waters.

When is the best time to travel?

We consider that the best time to travel to Cuba is between December and May.

Festival-wise, the best celebrations in Cuba take place from July 25th to 27th where the locals take to the streets to celebrate the success of the Cuban Revolution. The Cubans celebrate these days as the happiest days in Cuban history.

Itinerary example

We warn you that the transport in Cuba is unorganised. It is recommended to plan your trip beforehand rather than trying your luck with spontaneous trips to avoid unpleasant delays.

From day 1 to day 3: Havana

We recommend you to visit La Habana in the first time. It is the capital plenty of vintage cars, colourful colonial-style buildings, cigars and salsa. You have to head to La Habana Vieja, to eat churros and explore the streets where the decaying buildings are surprisingly pretty and charming. Also, you can enjoy a classic car tour in a vintage car. Do not forget to check out the Plaza de la Revolucion and the Havana Cathedral.

From day 3 to day 7: Jibacoa Beach and Varadero

Playa Jibacoa is the Cuba’s best-kept secret. This picturesque beach is postcard worthy for its soft white sands and clear emerald waters. You can relax, swim and dive the sunken shipwrecks for a few days and enjoy the Caribbean heat. Then, you can go to Varadero that offers the same gorgeous beaches but with more tourists and hotel chains.

In conclusion, Cuba is a wonderful country, for this reason you cannot miss any detail. Enjoy your trip!

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