Cuba Expocaribe Fair 2019

Cuba wants to develop multi-destination tourism

The International Fair Expocaribe 2019 will take place in Santiago de Cuba during the month of June. Cuba is committed to the development of tourism as the main economic engine. For this reason, the event will be celebrated from June 19 to 22.

The fair will be a space to promote foreign investment, promote exportable funds and replace imports. Certainly, it will be the key to doing business in various branches of the economy.

There will be a participation of more than 24 exhibiting countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Suriname, Saint Lucia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Holland, among others, as well as companies that will also showcase their products.

In addition, it has confirmed the presence of 120 exhibitors and about 28 visitors with the participation of Ambassadors, Ministers and senior representatives in the economic sphere of the Greater Caribbean and Europe.

Above all, this fair is an exceptional opportunity to show the values of its products in the international market and the support among the people of the region to fight against the United States Blockade.

The fair: activities

Firstly, during the event will take place the XII Business Forum of the Greater Caribbean. The Association of Caribbean States (ACS) will sponsor it. In this space, people will discuss issues related to trade, tourism, cooperation, transport, and investments.

At the same time, there will be other events, such as:
-The Forum of Trade Promotion Organizations of the Greater Caribbean.
-The XX Session of the Cuba-Mexico Business Committee.
-The Meeting of the Administrative Commission of Partial Scope Commercial Agreement between Cuba and Guatemala.

In conclusion, this event is a favorable space for the strengthening of this nation’s relations with the Greater Caribbean. Cuba Expocaribe Fair 2019 will be an opportunity for the country.

We hope you participate in this event, but do not forget that you need a visa for travelling to Cuba.

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