VISA for Cuba for Australian citizens

According to the Cuban government, the number of Australians visiting Cuba has nearly tripled since 2013. Officially, 9,810 Australians visited Cuba in 2013; the number increased to 24,062 by 2017.

Although countries like Canada, Germany and even Russia send more visitors to Cuba, the growth rate of among Australian visitors is among Cuba’s highest.

The Cuban Ministry of Tourism expects the country’s overall popularity to continue to grow by almost 50% per year. If Australia matches the overall trend, Australians visits to Cuba should top 50,000 per year within the next few years. 

With its warm weather, pristine beaches and exotic mystique, Cuba is a magnet for tourists from every corner of the world, including Australia.

Part of Cuba’s mystery, though, is the question about travel requirements and visas. Specifically, is there a Cuba visa for Australian citizens?

The short answer is: yes, Australian citizens are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Cuba. Australians who travel to as tourists Cuba must carry a “tourist card,” which includes a tourist visa. 

For business, scholarship, journalism or other travel purposes, Australians may have to apply for a specific visa through the Cuban Embassy or Consulate.

Australian tourists can apply for the tourist card through a properly authorized agency that helps smooth the process for getting a visa to Cuba.

visa requirements for cuba for australian citizens

Do Australian citizens need a VISA for Cuba?

Australians not only need a visa for travel to Cuba, but should also take care to plan their routes carefully. Since there is no direct flight from Australia to Cuba yet, their trips will require transit through a third country. That country’s relationship with Cuba may impact their travel plans. 

For example, traveling through Canada requires an eTA (electronic Travel Authorisation) for Canada. 

Those who travel through the United States may be required to obtain an American “general license” (the US version of a visa for visiting Cuba), especially if they are flying on an American airline.

The US government forbids tourist travel to Cuba. US citizens and passengers on US-based airlines must secure a license and declare a purpose for their trips to Cuba. The licenses are simple to attain. 

Travel purposes are self-declared by the traveler and fall under these general categories:

  • Family visits 
  • Official government business 
  • Journalism
  • Professional and academic research meetings
  • Educational activities 
  • Religious activities 
  • Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic competitions exhibitions
  • Support for the Cuban people
  • Humanitarian efforts 
  • Activities on behalf of private foundations or institutes 
  • Export, import, or transmission of information or informational materials

Australian travelers have a wide variety of options when arranging their transit to Cuba. Besides Canada and the US, many fly through Mexico, the EU or even Chile or Peru. Visa and travel requirements vary with each country.

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Cuba VISA requirements for Australian citizens

To travel to Cuba, Australian citizens must have a valid passport and must obtain a Cuba tourist card. In addition to these standard travel permissions, there are several Cuba-specific regulations Australian citizens must follow.

Australian travelers should be sure to check their passport expiration date. Cuba requires all visitors’ passports to be valid for at least six months after the date they intend to leave the country

Visitors to Cuba must disclose the hotel or home where they will spend their fist night. They should also expect to provide a detailed travel itinerary, especially if they intend to return via the US.

All international visitors to Cuba must provide proof of comprehensive travel insurance. The Australian government reminds citizens that they are responsible to purchase travel insurance in addition to their normal domestic insurance.

Australian national insurance does not cover medical treatment overseas or evacuation to Australia from a third country. Australians should make sure their travel insurance covers theft of valuables in case of injury, damage to their baggage and trip interruption including flight disruption.

Travel experts advise Australians to carry insurance-specific documents in hard copy form. They should have them ready for Cuban customs upon arrival.

Anyone who plans to participate high-risk or extreme sports or competitions must purchase extra insurance from Asistur, Cuba’s official insurance providers. Travelers over the age of 70 must also purchase insurance from Asistur.

The government of Australia recommends “normal precautions” when visiting Cuba. However, it recommends Australian citizens take special care to safeguard their passports. As in all countries, passports can be used in Cuba for identity theft and other forms of crime. 

Australians who lose their passports in Cuba must report the loss to an Australian Embassy, the High Commission or an Australian Consulate right away.

Australia does not have a formal Embassy or Consulate in Cuba. The government partners with Embassy of Canada, located in Havana, to provide representation and consular assistance to Australians traveling in Cuba. The Canadian Embassy can issue Provisional Travel Documents if necessary. 

The Australian Embassy in Mexico also serves Australian citizens traveling in Cuba.

The Australian government reminds citizens that Cuba has two official currencies, the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and the National Peso (moneda nacional or CUP). Visitors always use the CUC. It is illegal to transport CUC bills out of Cuba.

How to get a VISA for Cuba from Australia?

Because travel to Cuba for Australians can be confusing at first, the most efficient way to secure a visa for Cuba is to partner with a reliable and trusted agency

Especially because travel may require navigating a third country’s requirements, Australians who visit Cuba should consult with a reputable and experienced travel provider. They can help secure the tourist card and arrange for travel documents safely and quickly.

It can be confusing to work with multiple embassies, multiple application processes and shifting requirements. Each organization is on its own schedule, which can cause delays and frustration.

Meanwhile, an agency such as can handle the entire process, often in mere minutes. The application processes are handled through easy-to-understand online forms. Their travel experts are dedicated to helping travelers obtain visas to Cuba from countries all over they world. Help is available available 24 hours a day.

By visiting travelers from anywhere in the world receive professional assistance with their application for the Cuba visa Australia included.

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