Cuba VISA requirements for Canadian permanent residents

Canada is by far the largest home of visitors to Cuba. In 2017, over 1.1 million Canadians visited Cuba. That is almost twice as many as come from the US, the second largest sender of tourists to Cuba.

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2017 was Cuba’s third year in a row for 1 million or more visits from Canada. The Cuban government says it is “delighted” to welcome Canadians to its beautiful island. 

Direct flights from Toronto and Montreal, and 1-stop flights from Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, help the growth trend. 

Cuba’s acceptance of Canadian permanent residents helps, too. For the Cuba Visa Canada permanent residents are on an equal footing with Canadian residents.

As long as they have a legal permanent resident card (also known as the “Maple Leaf Card”) and a valid passport from their country of origin, Canada’s permanent residents travel to Cuba as if they were residents.

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Do Canadians need VISA for Cuba?

Canada practices its form of visa-free tourist travel to Cuba. That is, the Canadian government does not issue a tourist visa for Cuba.

However, like residents of all nations, Canadian tourists must obtain a Cuba tourist card to enter Cuba

The tourist card is a travel document issued by the Cuban government. It permits entry to Cuba for tourist travel. It is a multi-entry card, so there is no limit to the number of times a visitor may use the card.

Canadians may stay in Cuba for 90 days on the original tourist card. After 90 days they can renew the card by applying in person.

In order to obtain the visa for Cuba, Canadians must present:

  • Valid passport, either Canadian or from the home country for permanent residents. The Canadian government recommends ensuring that your passport is valid for at least one month past your departure date from Cuba. Some travel experts advise making sure the passport is valid for six months after departure.
  • Maple Leaf Card for permanent residents.
  • Cuba tourist card.

The Cuban tourist card is valid for tourism-related travel only. Canadians who visit Cuba for business, journalistic or scholarly purposes must apply for specific visas.

The Canadian government warns Cuba-bound Canadian travelers to be careful to follow the tourist visa restrictions. Exceeding the boundaries of tourist travel may have legal consequences, including fines and even imprisonment.

Travelers to Cuba must provide a departure date, either in the form of a round trip or “onward” travel ticket. They must also provide proof of funds sufficient to cover their stay in Cuba.

Those who arrive with an “air only” ticket must prove they have the financial means to meet their needs while in the country. The minimum requirement is 50 Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) per day.

All visitors to Cuba must provide evidence of travel medical insurance. Cuba recognizes all policies, except those issued by US insurance companies.

Proof of health insurance may take the following forms:

  • Insurance policy
  • Insurance certificate
  • Medical assistance card 

Those who do not proof of travel medical insurance may have to buy insurance from Asistur, the Cuban insurance provider.

The Canadian provincial health insurance card is accepted for entry into Cuba. The Canadian government strongly advises travelers to Cuba to purchase separate travel medical insurance.

Provincial health insurance may pay only part of medical costs incurred in Cuba. It will not pay any costs upfront. Cuban officials will not permit visitors to depart if they have outstanding medical bills.

Visitors to Cuba may be selected for a medical examination. This can occur upon entry to the country or when boarding a domestic flight.

Anyone who has symptoms of a serious disease may be quarantined for up to seven days. Those who arrive from a country with epidemics of such diseases as Dengue, Ebola, H1N1 and Zika may also be detained.

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How to get a VISA for Cuba from Canada?

Although Canada makes travel to Cuba as simple as possible, it is still necessary to obtain the Cuban tourist visa. The Canadian visa for Cuba should be arranged in advance at the time of travel. 

Canadians can purchase the Cuba tourist card online. The simplest and most reliable approach is to with a reputable and experienced agency to complete the application. 

According to the experts at the process requires only basic information and can be completed online in just a few minutes. 

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