Cuba Visa Requirements

Visa requirements to visit Cuba

When applying for a Cuba Visa, one of the first concerns is whether or not you meet the requirements. Fortunately for you, Cuba’s visa requirements are not difficult to meet. In fact, there are only a few and it’s relatively easy to check everything on the list. You need a passport, an application form, a travel itinerary and travel insurance. When you apply online, you only need the first two, because the other two will be needed after you arrive in Cuba.

The first thing you need is a valid passport. However, it must be valid at the time of departure and must remain valid for at least 6 months after its arrival in Cuba. This is still a good thing because you can apply for an extension within the country, and who knows? You can extend your holiday.

The second condition is that you fill out an application form. If you choose to use our way, you only need 10 minutes to complete the form. You will receive a 2-step application form and if you need any help, we have great 24/7 support service. All you have to do is enter your personal information, choose a period of time when you want your request to be processed, make a quick review and pay.

Both conditions must be met prior to departure for Cuba at the time of filing your application. They will help you get your tourist card and cross the border. After your arrival in Cuba, there are two other things you must present to Immigration. One of these is the tourist card you receive before your departure. If you don’t have one, you can buy it there, but only in Havana. It’s called a visa upon arrival and costs $20.

Arrival in Cuba

Upon arrival in Cuba, the immigration officer will ask you to present a travel itinerary that sets your destinations before your arrival. In addition, you must travel to the place where you will be going after your departure from Cuba. It shouldn’t be difficult to do.

Last but not least, you need travel insurance. The rule came into force in 2010 and all travelers arriving in Cuba must receive medical assistance. Proof of insurance is required for the entire trip. Once again, if you do not have an insurance policy or certificate, medical care card, etc., you can take out medical insurance with the Cuban tourist assistance company called ASISTUR.

Health insurance does not cover international medical assistance and most insurance policies do not cover foreigners. We advise you to exercise more caution so that nothing happens to you. At least, nothing that requires medical attention. Although Cuban doctors are competent, hospitals have no staff and no treatment.

As you can see for yourself, visa requirements for Cuba are not out of the ordinary. You should easily mark these things in the list. In addition, using our website will make things even more accessible. That’s why we recommend that you apply for a Cuban tourist card online to get rid of the bureaucratic hassle found in diplomatic missions.