A doctor dies in Cuba due to lack of medical attention

First symptoms of Magdelenis

Dr. Magdelenis Cordoví Santiesteban died from a lack of medical attention  at the Orlando Pantoja hospital in the Contramaestre municipality, according to her family.

Ulises Mora, the doctor’s husband, revealed that it all began when he took Magdelenis to the hospital with nephritic colic, vomiting and diarrhea. However, he had to return to his home when he was denied admission.

“It could perfectly well have been another disease. In the abdomen there are many important organs. It is necessary to rule out ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis, biliary colics, etc,” said Cubanet a doctor and friend of Magdelenis.

The next day, Magdelenis returned to the hospital because her ailments had worsened. The doctor considered her condition to be serious. After that, he notified the management of the centre. Unfortunately, neither of the two authorities was concerned about the case of Cordoví Santiesteban.

and she dies…

Through Cordoví’s Twitter account, the family went to Governor Miguel Díaz-Canel, Dr. José Ángel Portal Miranda and the official account of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) to inform them about the situation. They explained that the galena had died dehydrated at the Contramaestre hospital due to lack of medical attention.

In addition, Álvarez said he was surprised by the news and added that there is no justification for such a regrettable fact. “I worked in Cuba as a doctor and the conditions are subhuman. But none of that justifies a country that claims” he said.

Also, other sources claim that the doctor was the victim of a heart attack, which could have been caused, among other things, by the lack of water in the body.

“I recommend that the investigation be kept open to discover the real truth. Also,  those who have to pay should pay” the Cuban physician said energetically.

As a person and professional, Alvarez described her colleague as “a wonderful teacher and excellent co-worker and friend.

Hospital of excellence?

Previously, several patients have issued complaints against this hospital. Unique to this eastern Cuban town, several residents have denounced the lack of basic utensils and medical personnel.

Finally, in 2017, the doctor Nelson Alfredo Pelegrín, with 28 years of experience, was sanctioned for his decision not to continue performing the medical guards, a task he believed to be voluntary.

Other testimonies

In June 2018, Idael Aguilar arrived at the same medical center with a fractured arm. He found the Guard Corps completely desolate, without patients or staff. When he began to film the situation, as he had been waiting for several minutes, a receptionist arrived. He told him that he could not record and immediately a doctor appeared, who indicated a cast without first performing an X-ray test.

Aguilar revived this procedure with his three-year-old pequeño, also in a cast without having applied an X-ray. Probably, it was because of the lack of raw material used to make the medical plates.

Finally, the Cuban Health Portal assures that the Orlando Pantoja Tamayo Hospital constitutes a center of excellence in the provision of medical services. The hospital provides “specialized medical care services, with sufficient human, physical and technological infrastructure, committed to the welfare of our society.

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