EEUU imposes new restrictions on Cuba

The negative consequences because of the new restrictions

We would like to inform you about the latest events between Cuba and the United States. Unfortunately, EEUU imposes new restrictions on Cuba that will be effective from October. Certainly, there will be restrictions on sending remittances: Cuban immigrants will no longer be able to send remittances to their country of origin whenever they want.

In other words, it seems that President Trump does not think about the economic crisis that Cuba is suffering and the consequences it is having for the population.

“The new rules of the game”

Trump has announced that he will limit family remittances and financial transactions starting in October. Some of the restrictions will be:

  • The total amount of money that immigrants can send will only be $ 1000 per quarter.
  • Remittances to close relatives of Cuban officials and members of the Communist Party of Cuba will be illegal.
  • Bank transactions subject to the jurisdiction of the United States will not process certain transfers to Cuba.

Through these measures, US wants to financially isolate the Cuban regime due to the existing oppressive government. The Cuban government is blamed for being responsible for the oppression of its own people and for supporting other dictatorships such as Venezuela.

Also, together with these new measures, there are those that were imposed in June. Trump banned the cruises and limited the trips of US citizens to Cuba. Certainly, everything that Barack Obama built, who withdrew the limits of remittances after the Cold War, has been destroyed.

After that, Trump thinks that imposing these restrictions, the Government of Cuba will withdraw its support for Maduro. He does not think about the negative consequences that the population will suffer.

On the other hand, Cuba has said that the new sanctions are an opportunistic attempt to divide the Cubans.

In conclusion, EEUU imposes new restrictions on Cuba in order to solve a problem but at the same time appears a new one. Unfortunately, Trump has destroyed the advances that Barack Obama had left in his passage through the United States Government.

We hope you visit Cuba in the future because is a great country despite the current situation. Keep in mind that you need to buy a Cuban visa to legally enter the country. It is mandatory for all nationalities.

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