How much is a Visa to Cuba?

The total cost depends on where you’re traveling from, and your reasons for visiting the country. 

Americans visiting for specific commerce incentives, to attend university, partake in missionary trips, to stay with family, and for other distinguished purposes may need to apply for a “Cuban General License“.

Depending on which Cuban general license category your trip falls under, you will need to have a clarified, day-to-day itinerary to demonstrate to customs if inquired. You should record everything that you intend to do: which cities you will visit; where you will stay; which cultural pastimes you will participate in; how much leisure time you will have; etc. This can take some time, so it’s recommended having a Cuban travel expert help you.

If you’re from the United States traveling for leisure, you need a Tourist Card, and you do not need a “visa”. Nonetheless, the Tourist Card is often referred to as a visa. This is valid for 30 days, and can be renewed for an extra 30 upon expiration.

How much is a tourist VISA to Cuba?

Americans can purchase their Cuban Visa or “tourist card” through this website. These will cost anywhere from $22 to $120 with an added processing fee. Sometimes, if you’re traveling on a cruise or an organized tour, these expenses will be included with the package you chose.

If you’re traveling from America, or your last stop is in America before Cuba, you’ll receive a pink card. If you’re coming from anywhere else in the world, it will be green. 

On the other hand, if you’re coming from America and have a layover in another country, you can purchase and enter Cuba with a green card.

All countries require a Cuban Tourist Card excepting the territories mentioned below:

Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

So how much is a Tourist Visa for Cuba, and how much does it cost for anyone traveling from outside the US?

If you’re traveling from any country other than America, you’ll be able to purchase a green card for entry into Cuba. This will save you some extra money to spend on your trip. These can cost $59.

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