The fuel shortage that threatens Cuba

The Special Period of 1990:  Will hunger, suffering and austerity return?

The US Government will end up causing the destruction of Cuba if the country does not withdraw the support for the Venezuelan Government of Nicolás Maduro. Certainly, President Trump has caused the fuel shortage that threatens Cuba in recent times. On the other hand, Cuba has been forced to take emergency measures to curb the impending shortage.

The new US restrictions and the Cuban emergency measures

The US government blames Cuba for the Venezuelan situation due to its support for the current president. For this reason, it is trying to cut off the oil supply from Venezuela. In addition, they have threatened to impose sanctions on all those ships and companies that transport fuel to La Havana.

Given this situation, the Cuban government has announced the following emergency measures:

  • Cuts in public transport (crowded buses, trains, etc).
  • Prioritize the distribution of food and other primary goods.
  • Reduce activity levels in some sectors and avoid developing the activity in times of more energy consumption.

Cuba is launching the emergency plan to avoid blackouts and curb the serious fuel shortage that threatens the country.

Unfortunately, the current situation has caused other negative consequences related to crime. This situation has caused the theft of hundreds of liters of fuel, most of them have taken place in the province of Villa Clara. The main protagonists have been private drivers, company managers, piperos, security agents, etc.

The Special Period of 1990

The end of the USSR in 1990 and the end of relations between Cuba and Moscow, triggered serious problems. Cuba was importing 98% of oil from the USSR, but unfortunately, this changed.

The rupture of the relationship between both countries triggered serious feeding problems intensifying diseases such as optic neuritis (temporary blindness).

Fidel Castro imposed several measures to reverse the situation. He opened the country to tourism, he permitted that expatriates send remittances to family members, he partially liberated the agricultural market and he encouraged self-employment.

A few years later, with the arrival of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, both presidents agreed to an exchange agreement between the countries. Venezuela provided Cuba with oil and in return Cuba gave doctors and teachers.

Finally, Cuba is trying to avoid a situation as critical as that experienced in the 1990s. Certainly, if the situation does not change, Cuba will end up being a US-led country.

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