Havana Airport

Jose Marti International Airport or also known as Rancho Boyeros Airport is located 15km from Havana, Cuba. Havana Airport is the main international airport in Cuba and it handles over 5 million passengers every year. If you are planning to travel to Cuba, make sure that you hold a Tourist Card as well as insurance they can be easily obtained online, most airlines will not allow you to board your flight if you have not obtained a valid Tourist Card as well as insurance.

Like many other airports, Havana airport allows passengers to enjoy tax-free shopping, hot meals, drinks as well as hotel services.

About Havana Airport

Havana Airport has 4 terminals, those who travel from the U.S. or Europe will most likely land at the terminal 2 or 3 which are the international terminals. Terminals 1 and 5 are used for domestic flights.

Upon your arrival, you will have to go through the migration control and present your passport, tourist card as well as in some cases travel insurance. If you cannot present your travel insurance or tourist card you can obtain it at the airport. In some cases, travelers might be required to go through a standard health check to make sure you are not carrying any diseases.

After you have successfully gone through the arrival procedures and checks you continue to the luggage claim, unfortunately, Havana Airport is known to be disorganized and sometimes tourists have to wait for up to 3 hours to get their luggage.

After collecting your luggage head through the customs declaration and the arrivals hall, which is the busiest area of the airport, we recommend taking a taxi or organizing your hotel shuttle in advance.

Facilities and things to do at the airport

Either you have just arrived or about to leave Cuba, and you still have some time to stall while at the airport, here are some time stalling tips.

If you have just arrived, gone through the security check and waiting for your luggage to arrive, we recommend changing your money currency and getting some locals CUC´s. You can exchange your currency at Terminal 3, you will find the ATM in the level above the arrivals hall. Unfortunately, the other international terminal 2 does not offer currency exchange, but you may ask any taxi driver to drive you to the nearest CADECA office.

If you wish to use the wifi make sure to purchase the NAUTA card to be able to access the internet in Cuba, this can be done at the information booth, you will be charged hourly (1CUC/1 hour). Like many other airports, the Havana airport has souvenir shops where you can purchase little gifts to bring back to your home country.

Havana Airport also allows you to spend your free time at the VIP service lounge. The entrance will cost you from 29-35 $ and it can be purchased at the door. The VIP lounge has a dedicated smoking area, private bathrooms, foods, and drinks.

The Airport Hotels

There are 4 main hotels near the Airport of Havana:

El Lirio Guesthouse, located 5 minutes from the airport, perfect for those who have their flights delayed or canceled. Not that far from the hotel, you can find the Macondo, La Chucheria and Dona Almiras restaurants. El Lirio also offers airport shuttles.

Hostal Dona Amalia, located 5 minutes from the airport and is one of the favorite hostels among the travelers. The Dona Amalia has beautiful gardens and a sun terrace as well as spacious rooms, bar, private parking and entertainment options. Hostal Dona Amalia also offers airport shuttle services.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba opened in 1930 is a historic sea hotel and one of the most popular hotels in Cuba. This luxury hotel has 8 floors, 457 rooms, and 16 suites. It is perfectly located, around the famous landmarks of Havana as well as offers 4 restaurants, a pool, bars, and cabaret shows.

Four Points by Sheraton Havana, this 5-star hotel located 25 minutes from the Havana Airport. With spacious rooms, excellent service and a stunning outdoor pool this hotel is definitely worth visiting.

How to get from Havana airport to city center?

Havana Airport offers a shuttle as well as taxi services. Taxis are the most common transportation choice among travelers. It is more reliable than a shuttle or any other public transportation service in Cuba. You can either choose from the State taxi which is yellow or the private taxi which is an old classic car. A trip from Havana airport to the city center will cost you 25 CUC. The private taxi will be a little bit more expensive as it is owned by citizens or local companies. A ride to the Havana center will cost you around 30 CUC. Depending on the traffic the taxi or the car ride will take you 30-40 mins to get to the center of the city.

You can also rent a car by using the service of Cubarcar, Transgaviota, Havanautos or Rex, the prices will range from 50-150 CUC a day plus insurance which will be additional 15 CUC a day. If you are not ready to ride the Cuban streets just yet, we recommend booking a private transfer with ZunZunCar, the trip will cost you 30 CUC for 4 people or 50 CUC for 5 people, there might be additional fees for the luggage.

Alternatively, you can use the airport shuttle which will cost you 10 CUC, but the trip will be 1-2 hours long or the city bus which will only cost you 3 CUC.