Havana: what you can’t miss?

A beautiful capital

Havana is one of the most charming multicultural cities in Latin America. The city has a cuisine recognized around the world and an enviable street rhythm.

The architectural style, music and culture make the Cuban capital one of the most attractive for travelers from all over the world. In addition, the most remarkable are the friendliness, good vibes and warmth of its people.

Havana will also conquer you with many of its unique plans and experiences. Take a look at the ten experiences you can’t miss if you travel to Havana, Cuba.

10 experiences to enjoy

  1. Walk through the colorful streets of downtown Havana. Don’t be afraid to get lost, because along the way you will surely find incredible corners with an indescribable charm that do not appear in travel guides.
  2. Discover the most avant-garde Cuba by partying at The Cuban Art Factory (FAC). It is an old oil factory reformed and reinvented as the scene of the different forms of Cuban art. it is an interactive cultural space (galleries, music rooms, dance floors, etc).
  3. Let some of the best known and hummed Cuban songs stick to you in the streets of Havana. ‘Black tears‘, ‘Guantanamera‘ or ‘El cuarto de Tula‘ will become the best soundtrack.
  4. One of the most overwhelming moments in Cuba is to watch the sunset from the Malecón. This is the most typical and characteristic landscape of Havana. In addition, you will be accompanied by fishermen, background music and children jumping from the rocks to the sea.
  5. There are a lot of history between the streets of Havana. Che Guevara, Fidel Castro or Camilo Cienfuegos are among the pages of the books of the revolution that you will be able to browse in the beautiful Plaza de Armas.
  6. You can lost in its streets on foot or using a bicycletaxi. Also, you can opt for one of its beautiful American cars from the 50’s.
  7. Also, it is almost unimaginable that you should leave Havana without having tried your luck with one of its dance floors with more or less dexterity.
  8. If you are a lover of architecture, the Cuban buildings will capture your snapshots: the Bacardi Building, the Gran Teatro, the Teatro América, etc.
  9. Of course, we must mention gastronomy. In La Havana you will enjoy the most delicious dishes: roasted suckling pig, yucca with mojo, congrí rice, picadillo, etc.
  10. Havana also hosts a lot of literature. Since 1997, the capital has been home to Cuba’s only poetry library.

We hope you will enjoy all these experiences when you visit Havana!

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