Live in Cuba in the current world political scenario

The current situation in Cuba

Unfortunately, the tension between the USA and Cuba is causing consequences on the population. People wonder and wait with fear the next actions and decisions of the government on both sides.

It is a reality that the people who live in Cuba in the current world political scenario is truly suffering.

Certainly, due to the fear of scarcity, life is harder this year 2019. The population is afraid to relive the “Special Period“.

Certainly, the “special period” was a very hard period for the Cuban economy in the 1990s. This incident was related to the fall of the Soviet Union. It was his largest economic partner and buyer of its sugar. Unfortunately, it represented a financial crisis and in addition, was complicated by the seizure that the United States has imposed on the island since 1962, which prevents trade with Cuba.

It is a fact that austerity measures during the 1990s (food and oil rationing) led several Cubans to throw themselves into the sea.

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There were moments of chaos that Cuban society was in great pain, strength, and resilience. In this situation, Cuba had to open up to tourism to survive. This action was very useful because tourists brought money and people sympathized with the suffered population.

The Cold War imposed strategies such as the “dry feet and wet feet“. The “dry feet” policy allowed Cubans who arrived illegally and touched American soil to receive immediate asylum. On the other hand, the “wet feet”, said that people who did not step on American soil would be returned to Cuba. Barack Obama withdrew this measure, but now Donald Trump has decreased it.

Unfortunately, Washington blockade continues and Trump’s government has plans to apply a law so that federal courts can be used to sue Cuba.

In the current political scenario, the great partner, Venezuela, is in a complex situation. It pays for Cuban medical services and provides fuel, but it is becoming difficult.

Finally, in Cuba, almost all of the food consumed is imported. Given the complicated economic situation, the intermittency of supply is permanent, whether due to delays in payments or the difficulties of the blockade.

We have to try to understand how people live in Cuba in the current world political scenario. Obviously, if you travel to Cuba, you will know the real situation.

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