Lopez Obrador is booed at Red Davils Stadium

Red Devils stadium

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was booed at the inauguration of the Red Devils stadium in the Mexican Baseball League.

First of all, the president said: “I’m very happy to inaugurate this extraordinary baseball stadium”.

In addition, the professional team with the most titles in Mexico in any sport, with 16, López Obrador used a language from his favorite sport, baseball, to reiterate his fight against the opposition, the “mafia of power.

“I’m going to control with a 95-mile straight and curves, we’re going to keep punching the mafia of power,” he said.

The businessman Alfredo Arpa Helu accompanied the president.

Lopez Obrador inaugurated the Hall of Fame in Monterrey, northern Mexico. Also, he announced the approval of a budget to support the development of baseball.

The president assumed power last December 1 after sweeping the presidential elections. Actually, he maintains a great popularity, but people received him with negative shouts.

As he often reiterates, the Mexican president was a good central gardener in his youth. “I presume it as a trophy,” he said at a public event where he showed people his crooked finger.

Finally, the new stadium, with a capacity for more than 20,000 people, will debut next April 5.

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