Maykel Herrera, the Cuban painter who best portrays children

Childhood as positive inspiration

The elements that reflect childhood have been inspirational themes for many of the art lovers, such as Maykel Herrera, the Cuban painter.

Cuba is not exempt from these artistic tastes and counts without a doubt with one of the greatest exponents.

Maykel Herrera is a unique creator within the vast universe of the plastic arts, was born in Camagüey and graduated from the Professional School of Plastic Arts.

His success over the years is due to his unique and dreamy technique that reflects his thoughts.

Although there are many reasons for his paintings, there is no doubt that the children have occupied a significant palace as muses that have inspired and guided his creations.

On several occasions he has admitted that childhood reveals him and that he is undoubtedly a driving force behind creation that achieves a more direct intention and a more precise interpretation.

For this author his work is based on only painting infants but from the observation and appreciation of the tenderness of children. He wants to transmit their tender characteristics. He has a great acceptance to transmit ideas loaded with an important social content.

Although many people think that Herrera’s paintings are aimed at infants, they are not, they are undoubtedly aimed at adults.

Through his work, the author seeks to convey messages that sensitize people to the controversies that are affecting humanity today. For example: wars, the lack of food in some lands, environmental pollution and damage to nature and social conflicts.

The connection between his work and the public is an element that the author constantly seeks to reach.

Different paintings

Painting of Maykel Herrera

Among the most relevant productions of this Camagüeyan painter are:

  • “Dwarf Princes”
  •  “Feast of Princes”
  •  “Out of Play”

These series have visited important galleries and exhibition halls not only in our country but also in other parts of the world.

It would be impossible to mention the work of Maykel Herrera and catalogue it as an individual and lucrative creation due to it have contributed through donations to:

  • The development of specialised children’s health centres.
  • children’s homes.
  • Paediatric hospitals

The magic goes from the mind to the brush right in his studio, conspiratorial center of new ideas that is located in Old Havana, but his work has not remained only in framed pictures.

This is a compilation of the works and tours of Maykel Herrera, the Cuban painter who best portrays children.

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