Moderates and reformists are not seen coming

People who are in favor of democracy should be happy that they do not appear

The hard-line retransmitters have been reinforced within the Cuban regime. The situation in Venezuela and the hardening of US policy towards Cuba, with its repercussions on the economy, have made harden their discourse.

Not in vain did the term “communism“, return to the final text of the new Constitution. And those who oppose irrevocable socialism and the single party are also threatened.

The struggles perceived in the heights have ceased. It is not a good time for moderates and reformers to appear. Only the monologue is continuous and monotonous. The words that always appeals to the past.

One or another provincial secretary of the Communist Party sometimes shows some concern for the improvement of the living conditions of the population. But those few are overcome, in number and influence, by the indolent and incapable officials and also the corrupt ones.

The ministers in their Twitter accounts, instead of interacting with the population, they show their arrogance and block those who question their way of acting.

Changes in the regim

Firstly, the changes in these regimes usually do not bring good results. They derive easily into authoritarian governments and little attachment to legality. Eastern Europe had an experience like that. On the contrary, in countries where former communists and repressors retained quotas of power, they hindered change, continued corruption and even blackmailed democrats.

The extreme cases of failed transitions are Russia, Belarus and some former Soviet republics of Central Asia. Something like this could happen in Cuba if the communist nomenclature leads the changes.

To stop everithing, we would need a strong, coherent, determined and secure opposition leadership.

Opponents, beyond their courage to face repression, have not yet formed a united, solid and coherent front.
The population can not escape the fear, apathy and inertia achieved by the 60 years of dictatorship.

In the recent constitutional referendum it was demonstrated. We know that the regime manipulated the results.
At this point, the voting centers should have been empty.

When all those people voted yes out of fear, out of inertia refuse to meekly accept the impositions of the regime.
One way or another, the moment of change will come.


Not only among the population there is hypocrisy and simulation, there is also hypocrisy among many officials of the government. They are aware of the disaster, but who remain crouching, waiting for the moment to appear through the reformers and Save what you can from your power and privileges. With luck, by then, the true democrats will be prepared to face them and not allow them tricks and deception.

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