What are the most used cell phones in Cuba?

The three most used phones in Cuba

We would like to inform your about the three most used phones in Cuba: Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 3, Huawei Y3, Blu Studio X8.

Of these three models, two are commercialized by ETECSA: the Huawei and the Alcatel. The Blu, the Cubans have acquired it in the black market, through their own account, or have imported it from abroad.

It is common to find three low-end smartphones among the most widely used, as for many Cubans this range responds to their needs.

The subject gave rise to visitors talking about the impossibility in Cuba of acquiring a good terminal that is in line with the demands of the state monopoly ETECSA, who “recommend” a cell phone with good features and the possibility of connecting to the 3G network.

In the complete list of the 77 smartphones most registered in the ETECSA network, only 12 are marketed by the state monopoly, and most are very low-end phones.

Almost all mobile phones are branded Blu, followed by LG, Samsung and Alcatel.

The publication also revealed which phones most access the network of networks by its Android operating system. According to StartCounter, the well-known website for traffic analysis, the Android operating system that most accesses the Internet in Cuba is Android 6 Marshmallow, followed by Android 7 and Android 8.

“The low range is what, on average, the Cuban can afford. The majority of cell phones are donations from relatives abroad. The domestic market, without specifying colors, is not the one that has the greatest relevance in terms of sales of cell phones,” said an Internet user who was identified as glassesh2003. To whom another replied on the same website:

“…we should not make a storm in a glass of water, let us enjoy the moment we are living, and let us not be strong and unfair when it comes to criticising, because at the end of the day our wine, even if it is bitter, is our wine.”

In the 3rd and 70’s market, located in the capital city of Playa, where there is a branch of Samsung, open to the public since 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S9 cell phone is exhibited, however, not that one, the Samsung Galaxy S7 that is for sale, a not so modern model, has a value of more than one thousand dollars, a price impossible to pay for the pockets of the Cuban on foot.

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