New attacks on independent journalists reported in Cuba

Report of the Freedom of the Press Foundation

The Freedom of the Press Foundation denounced the occurrence of aggressions against at least seven independent journalists during the month of February in Cuba.

Important aggressions

First of all, we proceed to list some of the testimonies:

1. Oscar Padilla Suárez

Place of residence: Ciudad de Camagüey.

Journalist of Network of Community Journalists.

Date of Incident: February 6.

Facts: Arrested on the public highway by a second lieutenant and an agent, both of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR).

2. Roberto de Jesús Quiñones Aces

Place of residence: Guantánamo.

Journalist of CubaNet Project (Miami).

Date of Incident: February 10.

Facts: Arrested at the exit of the city of Guantánamo by agents of the PNR and the Political Police.

3. Lázaro Yuri Roca Valley

Place of residence: Havana.

Journalist: FreeLancer.

Date of incident: 19 February.

Facts: Similar to other cases, he was “Visited” at your home, in the morning hours, by Political Police officers.

4. Yunior Berges González

Place of residence: Bayamo (Granma).

Journalist of Collaborator of the CubaNet Project.

Date of incident: 19 and 23 March.

Facts: In the establishment where his mother works, an individual who arrived at the place began to offend him.

5. Roberto Rodríguez Cardona

Place of residence: Bayamo (Granma).

Journalist of CubaNet Project.

Date of incident: 21 March.

Facts: The major of the Political Police, showed up at the journalist’s house in the afternoon to warn him that his actions were pending.

6. Niober Garcia Fournier

Place of residence: Guantánamo (Guantánamo).

Journalist of Agency Hablemos Press.

Date of incident: 22 March.

Facts: Quoted from the Provincial Operations Unit for Crimes against State Security of Guantánamo.

7. Henry Constantin Ferreiro

Place of residence: City of Camagüey, province of Camagüey.

Journalist of Revista La Hora de Cuba, IAPA Regional Representative.

Date of incident: 17 March.

Facts: The journalist’s father, Héctor Constantín, was momentarily arrested by two political police officers stationed on the corner of his house.

Finally, Cuba can assure that there are a lot of journalist victims of police harassment. For this reason, they are living a difficult situation.

Other cases

Although these are the documented cases, it is not ruled out that there may be others.

Also, The APLP would also like to point out that there is a list of journalists prohibited by State Security from leaving the country.

Consequently, the APLP also wishes to point out that there is no freedom of the press or opinion in Cuba. Moreover, The Communist Party owns all media and the Ideological Department of its Central Committee regulates all press activity.

To sum up, in Cuba there are too many aggressions that must be resolved.

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