New Family Code in Cuba to be submitted to popular vote

Popular vote for equal marriage

The new Family Code, in which the FMC is already working, will be submitted to popular consultation by the Government of Cuba, according to ACN.

In addition, the new legal norm is intended to address debates such as egalitarian marriage, which was finally removed from article 68 of the draft Constitution.

In the new legislation, the Government spoke of granting rights, determining duties and guaranteeing all families effective protection.

The vice-president of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, Yamila González Ferrer, pointed out at Congress, the importance of tackling issues such as “sexist stereotypes”.

It is also important for Ferrer to discuss gender violence, the undervaluation of parenthood, homophobia and transphobia, and domestic and care work.

It is always necessary to slide the political issue, even if the intervention is progressive, and the representative of the Cuban jurists did honor. At the end of her intervention she said that the new Family Code will be a tribute to Vilma Espín.

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