The new Trump Government regulations

Trump will deny the residence to immigrants who are not “self-sufficient”

We want to inform you about the new Trump Government regulations implemented recently. Certainly, Trump has announced that the country will deny residency to immigrants who benefit from health insurance or receive any type of public assistance.

On the other hand, people who want to come to live in the country will have to request a Green Card. It is a proof that they will not be a “burden” on the public economy.

In fact, the US Government want to create an “immigration system based on the professional skills of the immigrant and not on family reunification”.

In addition, Ken Cuccinelli, the director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, confirmed his affinity with Trump’s thought.  For this reason, together they want to create a country only with self-sufficient people.

Another important fact is the diversity of opinions. For example, humanitarian agencies claim that immigrants are a low percentage of those who benefit from public assistance. On the contrary, official sources say that every year 544,000 people apply for residence. Unfortunately, 382,000 would be in one of the negative categories.

Certainly, each agency or organism has its own version and fights for its ideals.

The immigrants who will not be affected

The final decision of the United States Department of Homeland Security has been that every individual who has public benefits for more than 12 months within 3 years will be affected.

This penalty includes medical insurance, food stamps, housing subsidies and other forms of public assistance.

As a clarification, these new regulations will not affect pregnant women who receive medical assistance during pregnancy and in the 60 days following the birth of the baby. Neither are included the medical emergency assistance, programs offering school lunches, adoptions and foster homes, disaster relief, etc.

Finally, we will continue informing you about the new changes and regulations that will potentially appear in the future. The new Trump Government regulations are a real fact.

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