Nicaragua, the new springboard for Cubans to the U.S.

The situation of Cuban migrants

Some Cuban migrants stranded on the border between Mexico and the US explained that they left the Island in the direction of Nicaragua.

The exodus of Cubans seeking to reach the United States through Central America does not stop. If before Ecuador, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago were the bridges to begin the journey, now it is Nicaragua. This country facilitates the access of Cubans to the mainland.

Certainly, several Cuban migrants stranded on the border between Mexico and the United States, who revealed that they had left the island for Nicaragua.

“In addition to those from Puerto Obaldía, there are dozens who have gone directly to Nicaragua,” Yonimiler Del Río Polo, a Cuban citizen told the newspaper.

Since the Central American country relaxed the conditions for granting visas to Cubans on January 23, not a few inhabitants of the island have taken advantage of the opportunity to fly to Nicaragua. It is a springboard from where they begin their journey to the U.S. border.

“You get a round-trip ticket and four days before the flight, you go to the embassy in Havana and they give you a visa,”  told a cuban citizen in Radio Television Martí.

According to the interviewee, at the Nicaraguan Embassy in Havana they only ask routine questions:

  • “What’s he going to Nicaragua for? You mean tourism or shopping. That’s enough, the consular officer stamps the visa in your passport and to fly,” said the cuban man.

Finally, the Cuban adds that it is obligatory to buy the ticket to the Venezuelan airline Conviansa or the Colombian airline Avianca, and that although good offers can be found, the trip can cost up to 1,300 dollars.

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