The palates: the best places to eat in Cuba

The best places to eat

One of the concerns when you’re traveling is where to eat well. In this article, we are going to announce the best palates: the best places to eat in La Havana, Cuba.

In Cuba, the “palates” are options as diverse in their styles as in the delights they pose to the senses of the guest. The biggest difference between the palates is usually in the decoration of the place and the dishes, the location, the prices and the quality of the service.

The Guarida

Certainly, it is the most popular palate in Cuba. The Guarida is popular because it is an obligatory stop for every famous person who arrives in Havana. It’s a very attractive place, it’s not cheap, if you want different Cuban food, with a modern and gourmet touch, this is the adequate place.

Palate Coffee Laurent

Café Laurent has a bohemian chic aesthetic. The furniture and walls of the 1950s wallpapered with old newspaper clippings give it that retro atmosphere. In addition to its food, the most spectacular part of this site is its spectacular terrace.

Rio Mar Restaurant-Bar-Grill

The taste and the presentation of its culinary offer are exquisite and very original. The interior decoration is charming, but the most impressive are the views of the Almendares River. His cuisine is author.

The cook

The cook is a unique, dynamic, eclectic and multifunctional place. It is integrated by four spaces: the restaurant Terraza-Lounge, the Waiting Bar, the Havana Gourmet, and the fresh Terrace Garden.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral is a popular place with a quality-price value that makes it practically full every day.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

It is famous due to U.S. President Barack Obama chose it to dine with his family during his visit to Havana. It has an exotic collection of 50s memorabilia and its different touch to traditional Cuban dishes.

Doña Eutimia

This palate makes the best old clothes and the best sleeping black beans in Havana. It is located next to Havana Cathedral Square.

Cha cha cha cha

This is one of the new places that promise to become regulars for lovers of good food who also seek to have fun without looking at the time. Fusion style very fashionable, Cha cha chá flatters the palate, sight and ear with equal care.

In conclusion, if you are lucky enough to travel to Cuba you must discover the wonderful palates.

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