Rest and relax in Viñales, Cuba

Viñales: a small but extremely touristy place

This small town is located in the province of Pinar del Río, in western Cuba. The Viñales Valley is a very attractive place for tourists due to its natural wonders, the cultivation of coffee, sugar cane, avocados and bananas, and especially for its tobacco plantations and its peculiar limestone rock formations, called “mogotes“. If you are looking for a totally cozy and quiet place, the best option is to enjoy a few days of rest and relax in Viñales.

Certainly, it is necessary to mention that the entire Valley is considered and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Next, we explain you some activities and useful advices if you visit this wonderful place.

Magical places in the middle of the Viñales Valley

  • The Jasmine Viewpoint: the viewpoint offers the best views of the area where you can see the characteristic mogotes.
  • The Mural of Prehistory: this work of art consists of a 120 meters high fresco in the open air, made on the Mogote Pita, which shows the life of the first inhabitants of the Cuban archipelago. It was created in 1959 and is one of the largest murals in the world.
  • The Palenque of the Maroons: this place was created at the beginning of the 90s and is currently a living museum that reflects the legend and history of the passage of Afro-descendants through the Cuban west.
  • The Great Cavern of Santo Tomás: it is the largest cave system in Cuba and the second in the Americas.
  • Veguero House: it is one of the most famous tobacco plantation in Cuba where you can see the cigar manufacturing process.

We could list many other places since the beauty of its fauna and flora, and the rich landscape call this area as “The Cathedral of Nature“.

Adventure activities and sports

You can do thousands of activities since the fan is very large. Among the most interesting activities stand out: rent a bike and visit the surroundings; the excursion to Cayo Maria la Gorda; buy tickets for the bus tour; etc.  We recommend you to ask for information when you get there.

The best restaurants to eat

If you wish to enjoy a traditional and good quality meal, we recommend that you go to the “Paraíso Agroecological Farm”, the “Balcón del Valle”, the Cueva Restaurant or the “Casa Verde”. We assure you that in all these places you can taste typical specialties of the national food.

Finally, we confirm again that if you want to know something different and spend a few days away from the crowd, the best choice is to rest and relax in Viñales.

Please, keep in mind that if you travel to Cuba, you have to buy a Cuban visa. Currently, the visa is mandatory, so your airline will require it. Good luck on your trip!

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