A Russian company helps Cuba with cancer treatment

Biocad supplies medicines to Cuba

A Russian company helps Cuba with cancer treatment. Biocad, the leading innovative biotechnology company in Russia, will provide Cuba with drugs for the treatment of cancer. The company is specializing in the production of different types of drugs: anti-cancer drugs; HIV; and multiple sclerosis. They really export more than 20 countries in the world.

The agreement between Cuba and Biocad

Firstly, we would like to inform you that the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Marcia Cobas Ruiz, and Dmitri Morózov, the General Director of the company signed a collaboration agreement favorable to both sides.

Regarding the type of medicines provided, Biocad will deliver the drugs bevacizumab, rituximab and trastuzumab. These are high-tech medicines to treat cancer. In addition, these will be the first drugs composed of monoclonal antibodies of Russian production that will be supplied to the Republic of Cuba.

Also, Biocad explains in its official website that they are one of the few full cycle drug development and manufacturing companies. They are working from the discovery of new molecules to large-scale commercial production. Certainly, all the medicines are focused on treating complex diseases: cancer; HIV; hepatitis C infections; multiple sclerosis; and other disorders.

Due to the shortage situation of Cuba, the country showed its willingness to collaborate with Russia. They included Biocad in the register of suppliers of the MediCuba medical products import and export company, belonging to the Ministry of Public Health.

In conclusion, in 2018, Biocad’s revenues reached 21.7 billion rubles, a 40% increase. After that, it is a fact that this collaboration between countries is beneficial for both sides.

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