The Siboney International Clinic offers quality medical services

A high-quality service

In this article, we would like to inform you about a medical clinic located in Havana, Cuba. The Siboney International Clinic offers quality medical services. This center provides a personalized service with highly qualified professionals. The technical teams apply novel and highly reliable procedures.

In addition, they also offer highly professional medical services to identify, assess and control occupational risk factors according to the work profile of your company.

Below, you will find the main services offered:

  • Prevention of occupational diseases.
  • Detention of risks and labor factors.
  • Preparation of the analysis of the health situation.
  • Sale of medication first aid kits.
  • Specialized medical consultations.

On the other hand, they want to offer you the best professional service and their mission is to guarantee the responsibility, professionalism, competitiveness and excellence, as well as high quality in the service of health.

Finally, they offer you additional services. For example home care, attention to companies, aesthetic medicine, traditional medicine, dental care, specialized consultations, and diagnostic means.

Certainly, the Siboney International Clinic offers quality medical services. For this reason, you can contact them through their website if you want to receive more information about the services and prices.

In the case you are not living in Cuba and want to visit the clinic, you will need to apply for Cuba visa card in order to enter the country.

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