The song that Pichy Boys dedicated to Nicolás Maduro

A Cuban duo performed a new version of Puerto Rican song Danza Kuduro to ask the Venezuela’s president out of power. Do not miss the song that Pichy Boys dedicated to Nicolás Maduro!

In addition, they accompany the interpretation with images of the protests in Venezuela to demand the exit of the dictator.

“We’re not going to stop, we’re going to protest that you feel the pots. We are going to give it until the donkey leaves Venezuela,” reads the lyrics.

The humorists also alluded to the scarcity suffered by Venezuelans while the Chavista leader denies the arrival of humanitarian aid.

“They don’t have food, the country is on strike, hit the head, Maduro out,” they added part of the song.

The Pichy Boys song was dedicated to “all the people of Venezuela”.

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