That happens everywhere: response of bureaucracy in Cuba

There is only one answer

“That happens everywhere,” is the answer most used by those who, lacking any argument, find themselves in the painful position of defending the indefensible with respect to Cuba.

This is how we talk about poverty, censorship, repression and political persecution, ideological control, etc. There will be those who, by force of “loyalties” and opportunisms do no good to anyone, not even to those all-powerful summoned and offended.

Also, it would suffice to bear in mind that, few things should be “as it happens everywhere”. Also, the constancy of that “particularity”, understood from the perspective of the Communist Party of Cuba as “superiority”.

The real situation

However, the real existence of thousands of patients waiting for surgery for lack of doctors is not an invention of the independent press. Meanwhile the same services are maintained for those who can pay a bribe for a hospital admission.
The suspension of cancer treatments due to instability in the purchase of certain drugs exist, as opposed to the commercialisation of the same treatments for those foreigners who can pay for them.

As for education, it will hardly be enough to be the parents of any child living in Cuba to understand that socialist gratuity has a very high price, which is why the expression “I would prefer to pay” has become popular, even among those who do not have the resources.

In the midst of an economy in crisis, governments do not encourage investment by nationals and that, contrary to what would be expected, they withdraw licenses and suffocate the emerging entrepreneur with taxes and fines.

In addition, it does not happen everywhere that the foreign citizen has more rights than a countryman. Also, the 80 percent of the official salary of a Cuban who works for that foreigner is taken away by an employing agency in complicity with that foreign businessman with a colonial mentality.

Everything goes beyond

In Cuba, the oddities, the social distortions, the daily absurdities go beyond those that are obvious.

It is not only the country that issues two types of coins that mark the gap between two large social groups. Also is the place where not only the taxi driver earns and vacations better than the surgeon and professor of merit, but where we have to ask him where he is going, even though he will charge us a good slice of our salaries, not for taking us to the door of the house but for approaching it.

Cuba is surrounded by sea where sailing in a boat is forbidden and where fish are state property; the country where your house, where you have lived all your life, will never be totally your home.

Without a doubt, Cubans are a tragic exception to the rule. So there is nothing that offends and causes more discomfort among ordinary people than to hear as a response, more in the mouth of a “leader” or “boss,” that hateful phrase of “it happens everywhere,” so we know that they hide a series of evils that make the country an unattractive scenario for anyone.

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