Tope de Collantes: a natural paradise

A natural wonder

The are many natural wonders in Cuba, but undoubtedly the Topes de Collantes is the best natural paradises. It is a protected natural area in the middle of the Sierra del Escambray. The location is great due to is very close to the tourist city of Trinidad, in Sancti Spíritus.

At an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and with Pico San Juan as the highest elevation with 1140 meters high, the Sierra del Escambray treasures 686 thousand species of insects and 8 thousand 600 of birds.

Certainly, this marvel is an ideal place if you are a lover of being in direct contact with nature. You can enjoy hiking and mountaineering, discovering strange species of birds, reptiles and plants.

Topes de Collantes gives you the possibility to get out of the stress of daily life and walk relaxed among its exuberant nature. A set of mountains, rivers and caves in their natural state formed the park.

Walks inside the nature

Among its trails you can find numerous species of endemic animals. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful waterfalls in the middle of a unique microclimate that favors the flowering of trees and fruits. This natural area is an ideal place to relax while enjoying pure air and its beautiful views. It is a good place to take the best pictures and feel nature.

The Carbuní trail ends in a magnificent waterfall with the same name. This is perhaps the most popular walk. In its two-and-a-half kilometer length it takes you between coffee plantations, traditional houses and cliffs to the waterfall.

In addtion, another walk is the Ecological Trail, also known as the Vegas Grandes, which ends at the Soroa Falls, an incredible pool of crystal clear water.

Finally, the path to La Batata takes you among beautiful views and gives you the chance to bathe in medicinal waters. The route of Hacienda Codina takes you to a ranch with medicinal mud baths, among bamboo forests and orchids. There you can also visit the Cueva del Altar, the Isla de los Enamorados and a natural viewpoint with a spectacular panoramic view of the Valle de los Ingenios.

Enjoy your visit to Cuba!

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